Testing Intents and Entities

In this tutorial you'll learn how to test your NLU focused on intent and entities.

Step 0 - Clone your repo

Clone the nlu-testing-example

Step 1 - Create your agent

Create your agent, through scratch or the NLU_test_v1.vf

Step 2 - Train your model

Navigate to the prototype on the right hand side, and train your model.

Step 3 - Create your dialog manager api key

Create your DM API key

Step 4 - Open examples/voiceflow.py

Paste your key and run the file

Step 5 - Check your results

Open the examples/utterance_results.csv and examples/entity_results.csvto see your results.

Step 6 - Update your training data and retrain

Add utterances to address the poutine test example and the assist me example. You can also just upload NLU_test_v2.vf as a new project and create the new dialog manager api key.

All your test cases pass!

Video Tutorial