Sharing Prototypes


To give people access to work on your agent, you'll have to add them to your workspace.

Generate a prototype link to share externally with stakeholders, testers or user groups. Share links can be created when you're in Test mode or in the Agent menu in the top left (the Voiceflow logo).

You can configure how the shareable prototype appears & functions to your users and any additional settings.

  • Appearance and Branding: You can configure the interface colour and branding icons for the purposes of Prototyping.*
  • Test Persona: You can use an existing Variable State/Persona or create a new Test Persona to have your Prototype run through/simulate specific variable values/states set by you, during the conversation.
  • Password Protection: Add password-access to your prototype link so that you can control access for testers or prototypers.

*Note: Appearance and Branding changes in Shareable Prototyping links will NOT reflect in the final production version and are cosmetic for Prototyping purposes.