Roles and permissions

How to set Workspace and Assistant-level permissions for your workspace members?

Depending on the responsibilities of your team members, they may require different access permissions on an organizational, workspace or assistant level.


The highest level of administration in Voiceflow, Owners can access and edit all Workspaces in an organization. Owners can:

  • Access all Workspaces (Enterprise)
  • Access Organization Settings (Enterprise)
  • Create new Workspaces (Enterprise)
  • Manage member permissions on any Workspace
  • Invite or remove members
  • Modify billing and subscriptions on any Workspace
  • Edit and publish all Assistants

Note: Owners are counted as a Workspace editor. Typically, the person who created the workspace is automatically assigned as an Owner.


Workspace-level administrators that can access + edit everything in their workspace. Admins can:

  • Access Workspace settings
  • Manage member permissions on the Workspace
  • Invite or remove workspace members
  • Modify the Workspace’s billing and subscription details
  • Edit and publish all Workspace Assistants


Editors are Workspace members who build the Assistant experience. As an Editor, you can:

  • Edit all Workspaces Assistants
  • Access an Assistant’s Settings
  • Edit all aspects of the design canvas
  • Import and Export Assistant or NLU data
  • Publish the Assistant

Note: Editors can no longer invite new members to the Workspace


Viewer roles are meant for collaborators that consume a Workspace’s Assistant designs. Viewers can:

  • View all Assistant canvases
  • Leave comments


A workspace-level billing administrator that can:

  • View Assistants
  • Leave comments on Assistants
  • Invite or remove workspace members
  • Modify the workspace’s billing and subscription details

Assistant Level Permissions

Assistant-level permissions let you grant granular access to view-only roles. This means you can let a Viewer have edit rights for a specific Assistant while maintaining their view-only access to other Workspace Assistants.


  1. Assistant-level permissions only work if the user is a Viewer or Billing role on the Workspace. Owners, Admins, and Editors can’t be downgraded to the Assistant level as they have global edit privileges.

  2. When you grant a Viewer Assistant-level access, they are counted as an Editor seat