Managing workspaces and team members

As you build powerful conversations, Voiceflow allows you to collaborate and prototype across your team, viewers and editors, all in one canvas.

Team members can be added and managed per workspace on Voiceflow, and all users will have access to all assistants within that workspace.

As a workspace admin, you can set a member's role to define the level of permissions they will have both across the workspace and within a single assistant.

Inviting Team Members

You can invite team members or manage existing team members permissions, in the Manage Collaborators menu. To access this menu, click on the '+' button in the top-right of your workspace next to the user icons.

Once this menu is open, you can use the dropdown next to any user's role to assign a different role. You may only change another user's role to of equal or lesser access-level than your own.

You can invite users either directly by inputting their email address, or by copying an invitation link via the Copy Link button, that will be accessible to anyone that clicks it. You can define the role of any member signing up via these methods in this menu.

You can also invite users by a Magic Link. The magic link is just a URL that's generated to join the workspace directly. Rather than sending someone a workspace invitation by email, you just share the link with the person you want to join the workspace and once they click it, they're added as a member of the workspace. The link can either be set to join as a viewer, editor, or admin. Anyone can use the link, but it is only valid for 72 hours.

Roles and Permissions

Each team member can be assigned the following roles, which come with the pre-set permissions:

  • Viewer - Can view, test and comment on assistants. (These are free unlimited seats on all plans).
  • Editor - Can do all the functions of a Viewer, plus ability to modify & edit the designs of assistants, access editors, upload, and export assistants.
  • Admin - Can do all the functions of an Editor, plus manage workspace settings, payment, and assign other team members to the role of Admin.
  • Billing - Can do all the functions of a Viewer, plus manage payment. (These are free seats on all plans).

Adding and Removing Seats

With a paid subscription plan on Voiceflow, you will have purchased a set number of seats. To increase or decrease the number of seats you're paying for on your plan, you should contact [email protected].