How to find the Sitemap for a website

An XML Sitemap is a file type that contains a list of the embedded URLs within a website. Adding a Sitemap file vs. individually pasting URLs saves time in the Knowledge Base curation process.

If a Sitemap exists, these steps will help you find it 95% of the time:

  1. In your browser, try adding the following endings to your URL:
    /sitemap, /sitemap.xml, or /sitemap_index.xml
    You'll know if this worked if the format on the modified URL website looks like this:

  1. Do an online search for your Sitemap using the following string (be sure to change the URL to your URL before trying in your browser): e.g. "site:website.comfiletype:xml"
  2. Try a web crawling service - Enter your URL and see if they can find an available Sitemap.
    We recommend: