What are commands? How do I add commands?

Commands act as a 'go to and return' function, and are nested in the Home block.


Commands are being phased out, and are not available on newly made projects

Once they’ve completed the flow/command, they’ll be returned to their spot in the original path. Essentially, Commands let your users quickly switch context mid-conversation without the frustration of repeating themselves to get back to their original spot.

Commands allow for another method for you to design & create non-linear conversations. They let your users interrupt a conversation path and temporarily bounce to a Component flow.

Commands are triggered by a global intent that leads into a component. Once the component is complete, the conversation will continue from wherever the user was before triggering the command.

Adding & Deleting Commands

Add and delete Commands in your Home block's editor Command section.

You'll need to define 2 aspects for the Command:

Intent - Attaches an intent to the Command, making it triggerable at any point in the conversation.

Component - Indicated the Component path that is activated when the above intent is triggered.

Once you've configured your Commands, they'll be visible in the Home block's content editor.