Content Management System (CMS)

The Content Management System is the core hub for Voiceflow projects, letting you manage all the content in your agent. It's the first tab of the sidebar.

The overall hierarchy in Voiceflow is

  1. Workspace
  2. Agent (visualized by the CMS)
  3. Workflows
  4. Steps

It features:

  • Workflows: a structured sequence of steps and actions designed to manage and automate the conversation flows of your virtual assistant
  • Knowledge (the Knowledge Base): a repository and management system for content that your AI Agent uses to provide accurate and contextually relevant responses
  • Components: reusable flows made of one or more blocks
  • Variables: containers that store data, allowing for dynamic and personalized interactions within your conversational assistant
  • Functions: reusable, user-defined steps that perform specific tasks, such as transforming user input or making API calls, to enhance the capabilities of your conversational assistant
  • Intents: a description of an action a user might intend to do, captured with example phrases and descriptions, that are used to guide conversations through natural language and letting users jump around conversations
  • Entities: similar to variables, entities store data, except they are used to smartly define what the variable represents to then be used in extraction, like a name or a time