Chat vs Voice agents

Choosing a Text or Voice agent in Voiceflow

Currently, in Voiceflow you have two types of agents that you can build.

  1. Chat: Most versatile, intended to be used natively with our built-in Web Chat or to a custom interface with our Dialog API. Contains everything you need for a visual interface like buttons, images, and more.
  2. Voice: Is more limited. Intended to be used exclusively with our Dialog API to connect to a custom voice interface. This type features a few voice specific features like a speak step with SSML and an audio step to stream audio from a file. Since Voice comes from the days of Amazon Alexa, you'll have to provide your own speech to text and text to speech solutions with Twilio IVR for example.

For most use cases, we recommend using the Chat project, as it has the most versatile set of features and capabilities that you can use.