The Canvas — How Do I Start? How do I customize my canvas design settings and design controls?

The Canvas is a highly interactive design space and sandbox experience, similar to many popular design tools.

Control Canvas Elements

The Canvas is an infinite canvas that hosts your conversation designs. To move around the canvas and any elements, you can pan with two fingers on a trackpad or click and drag with your mouse.

Zooming in and out

You can use the + and - keys on your keyboard or your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, respectively.

Alternatively, if you want a more precise and/or controlled zoom, you are also able to right-click any blank area in your canvas and select Zoom In + or Zoom Out - to configure your zoom.

Tip: If you're using a trackpad, you can use two-finger scroll and zoom.

Refocus the Canvas

To refocus your view on the Start block in your current flow, use the S key to automatically center the view on your Start step.

This can be particularly useful when you lose track of where you are when editing a complex assistant.

Tip: You can change your method of navigation from trackpad to mouse control manually within canvas settings. See below section for more details.


If your canvas ever appears completely blank - its likely just out of focus. Press the 'S' key.

Every canvas has a trigger, so if your canvas is completely blank - you're likely just lost in space. Press 'S' to go back to your flow.

Canvas shortcuts

All of the above can also be achieved by right-clicking a blank area on your Canvas, and accessing the shortcuts menu.

Quick access to Canvas Markup and Commenting features are also available in this menu.

Path and Connection Settings

You can change your canvas lines to be either straight or curved. By default, lines are straight but can be changed to curvy. You can switch path modes back and forth at any time. You can also change the color and add accompanying text to any line.