What is Audio Step? How can I add sound or short custom audio?

The Audio Step allows you to add short audio files that are less than 240 seconds in length and up to 10mb to your voice assistants.


The Audio Step is currently only available on Voice agents, not in Text agents. Learn more about Chat vs Voice here.

Adding Audio

Audio can be added by directly uploading to Voiceflow on the 'Upload' tab, via drag & dropping the audio or browse upload. By using the Link button in the top right of the audio box, you can also use a URL or URI for the step's audio. For an example of using a link, see this Eleven Labs tutorial.

Previewing Audio

Once your audio uploads successfully into your Audio step, you can press play by the audio file to preview and listen to the audio.

Adding Variants

Similar to Text and Speak steps, you can also add variation to your Audio Steps to add sophistication, variety, and randomness to your conversation design and your Audio step. This allows your assistant to randomly choose a variation or variant audio file in the Audio Step.

To add a variant to the Audio Step by clicking the Add Variant button in the editor's footer. If you have variants added to your Audio Step, one of the variants will be played at random when the step is hit in your assistant.

Visual-View of Audio Variants on Canvas

At the Canvas-level, you can also preview your audio directly from the step. Just navigate & hover over to the note icon by the uploaded audio, and press Play.

Once your variants are confirmed, you will notice that you can also visually preview them from the Canvas-level. By default, your variants will nest under a preview modal, with the dice icon appearing in the Audio step.

In this modal, you can quickly edit the audio file sources or copy those hosted audio links, generated by Voiceflow.

To instead display all the variants (as opposed to the preview view), you can change your Canvas Visibility setting under the settings icon located to the left of the Add Variant section in the Audio Step menu. You can toggle between Show preview and Show all variants, while also setting which option you desire as the default for all your Audio steps on Canvas.