Assistant analytics - How do I see overall usage?

See how your assistant is performing by visiting the analytics dashboard, which can be found in the Analytics tab (shortcut: 4) in the left-hand panel of your assistant canvas.

What data does the dashboard include?

The dashboard includes:

  • Interactions: Total number of engagements users have had with your assistant.
  • Recognition rate: The percentage of messages understood by your assistant, i.e. did not trigger the fallback intent.
  • Unique Users: Unique users that have engaged with your assistant.
  • Unique Sessions: Unique user sessions with your assistant.
  • Top Intents: The most popular queries users ask your assistant.

How far back can I see usage data? And how do I compare it?

You have the option to update the period shown in the dashboard, allowing for greater insight when reviewing trends over time.

You can also compare the current period with the previous period to see how your assistant is performing with each iteration of your assistant.

Where is the data coming from?

Both production usage (e.g., Alexa, WhatsApp, Custom Deployments with the API) and shareable prototype usage are collected in the Analytics dashboard.

NOTE: In-app prototyping is not included in the dashboard.