What are Alexa skills and Google actions?

A quick crash course on Alexa skills (aka Amazon's voice apps).

Introduction Alexa skills are voice apps that run on Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa. Voice assistants are things like Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, Samsung's Bixby, and Google Assistant. Just like smart phones, these smart voice assistants can host apps - and these apps are powered by your voice.

What kinds of Alexa skills & Google actions can people make? Pretty much anything you can think of. Here are some of the big use cases:

  • Interactive Stories: With Voiceflow, you can make awesome 'Choose Your Own Adventure' stories that allow you to tell stories players can play with their voice, controlling their character and making decisions.

  • Interactive Games: With Voiceflow, you can make awesome interactive voice controlled games. Games can be role-playing-games, trivia games, or anything else you can imagine that has users using their voice.

  • Business Skills: Want to order a pizza with your voice? What about call a cab? How about order tickets online? These are all business use cases you can build with Voiceflow.

  • Much... much more: We've seen everything we could imagine built on Voiceflow, from Camera Resolution calibrating skills, to daily journalling skills to help people hold themselves accountable to daily goals.

Can I make money with Alexa skills & Google actions? You can! Our team started as successful skill builders who made money with our Alexa skills. You can make money through several methods, including in-skill purchases which are things like premium content, setting subscriptions for your content, and with Voiceflow you can charge for services consumed outside your skill - such as charging for a pizza to be delivered to the user. Where can I access my Alexa skills & Google actions? You can build voice apps for Amazon Alexa enabled devices, like their smart speaker's called 'Echo'. You can also do this for Google Home devices, Google Assistant devices (like every Android phone), and Samsung Bixby enabled devices.

How can I build Alexa skills & Google actions? You can either custom code your Alexa skills, use plug & play tools like Alexa Blueprints, or code-free skill builders like Voiceflow. Pick the tool that suits your needs!