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Everything new in Voiceflow, all in one place.

April 19th Release


  1. The Dashboard has been turned into 'boards'. Each board acts as an individual workspace where you can add teammates. All existing projects have been moved to your 'personal' board.

  2. Adding collaborators to a board can be done from the dashboard.

Why collaboration?

We built this feature due to demand from creators and businesses, along with our beliefs in the future of building voice interfaces. Building natural conversations is a tall task, and requires input from multiple team-members with different domain expertise. This new feature sets the stage for teams to collaboratively build better conversations with technology.

Future feature additions will include: live canvas collaboration, user testing, change-logs, and project handoff.

Integrations (Google Sheets)

  1. Integrations block has replaced the API block. Custom API's can be accessed from within this block's content menu (right bar).

  2. We're launching this feature with two options. Custom API (as previously offered) and Google Sheets. We have more integrations roadmapped and coming soon: Airtable, Sendgrid, Dashbot, Zapier and more. Let us know if you think there's an integration we absolutely need and are missing.

  3. Google Sheets Tutorial

Winston, who led this feature, made a great tutorial video on using the new Google Sheets integration. Here it is!

Why Integrations?

Context within a conversational interface is critical for moving the conversation in the right direction, and getting a user to their goal intent. Connecting to existing services can supercharge your voice app to better deliver information to the user at the right time.

Let us know what you think of our Google Sheets integration. This will likely be the first of many, and we want your feedback.

April 13th, 2019

Combine Block Updates

  1. Single blocks now have 'add' buttons located at the bottoms to add additional blocks to a grouping.

  1. All blocks within an grouping have in-ports and icons

  1. You can move blocks around without unlinking ports

  1. Renaming got easier

  1. Warning message when you're unable to combine blocks

  1. Dragging blocks in/out is still available

Why these changes?

Interactions with Alexa and Google, while all different in content should follow some basic design principles. Most interactions should contain some form of output from Alexa and input from the user- which informs your skills/actions logic on how to proceed during the conversation. Combine blocks in Voiceflow make grouping these interactions easier, we hope to see people take advantage of this subtle but powerful change in how you design conversations on Voiceflow.

From the outside looking in, Voiceflow looks like flowcharting software to many. However, our power users understand that conversations built in Voiceflow often don't follow the lines you create. You can hop around based on intents, jump in and out of flows, and change context with ease. We believe grouping interactions with combine blocks creates a more organized way to do this, ultimately creating better conversations. We're excited to see how our users adapt to this change, and look forward to your feedback on how we can improve.

Input Updates

  1. We've added icon's to specific drop-downs to distinguish the content you are selecting. This small change is meant to create platform consistency.

  2. We've globally changed the colour of variable inputs to purple, while others will remain blue.

  3. We've added a 'create variable' button to the bottom of all variable drop-downs. This is done to help you create a variable faster without having to manually navigate to the left bar.

Other Changes

  1. We changed the colour of the Advanced sections blocks as user feedback indicated it was too similar to other sections.

  2. We made the left bar expandable. This is making way for upcoming changes. Stay tuned

  3. You may notice many other small changes to Voicieflow, some aesthetic enhancements and some UX tweaks. As always, please let us know what you think and we challenge you to improvise better solutions!