Learn about Voiceflow's pricing.

Voiceflow's goal is to help everyone build amazing voice experiences. We're here to help you figure out which plan works best for you!

Voiceflow will always support a free Community tier - it's core to who we are as a company.

General guidelines:

  • Community plan: hobbyists, people new to Alexa/Voiceflow

  • Professional plan: professional use cases

  • Business plan: businesses building voice applications

  • Enterprise plan: large businesses creating high traffic voice applications

  • All plans are billed in USD


At $0/month, the Hobbyist Plan is a self-serve plan and comes with three projects per board with core creation features. The Hobbyist Plan comes with limitations such as limited projects and does not support a collaboration feature.

This plan comes with light intercom support available through

With the Hobbyist Plan, you'll be able to publish to both Alexa and Google while receiving community support through our Facebook group.


At $29/month, the Professional Plan is fully self-serve and comes with some limitations on the product. For example, you'll be able to collaborate with three creators in total and select business features are unavailable. With a total of three collaborators, each member pays $29/month for their seat on the project board.

This plan comes with intercom support available through and unlimited projects per board.

This plan is typically used for prototyping and testing within Agencies and Enterprises.


At $99/month, the Business Plan comes with dedicated intercom support, unlimited projects, unlimited collaborators and access to all business features. Additionally, business plan members are able to utilize account linking.

With unlimited collaborators, each member pays $99/month for their seat on the project board.

This plan is typically used for both prototyping and production-ready voice applications.

Enterprise (contact Sales)

The Enterprise Plan comes with dedicated product and engineering support, a 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA), a dedicated enterprise server, and 100 project backups.

This plan is used for Agencies and Enterprises launching production-ready voice applications where high collaboration is needed from our team to ensure success.