Migrating to VF

It's easy to convert your existing Alexa skills to Voiceflow, even if your skill is already live on the store. Conversion works regardless of how you originally built the skill, but will require a little bit of work on your end!

How it works To convert your existing skill over to Voiceflow, even if your skill is live, you can do so by sharing the Skill ID of your skill. You will have to rebuild your existing skill on the Voiceflow platform, but transferring the live skill over once you have rebuilt it on VF is easy.

Step One: Rebuild your skill on Voiceflow The first step is to rebuild your project in the Voiceflow creator tool

Once you have rebuilt your existing skill on VF, proceed to the next step!

Step Two: Submit this form This step will gather information on the skill you are converting, and will give the VF team all the info we need.

Step Three: Book a 15-minute chat with Michael We want to make sure your skill(s) are fully compatible with Voiceflow, and we want to show you how you can make them even better with Voiceflow.

You can book at chat with Michael here:

Step Four: that's it! After chatting with Michael and filling out the form, we should be cleared for the conversion and will email you when it's complete :)

We can't wait to see what you'll do with Voiceflow!